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It was around January 2011 when Dan and dave were shown the Wynd in Letchworth and from this time they were encouraged by business to rent a shop unit from the Hermitage Foundation. This is where 2D Interiors were born or at least the name for the company. They took over the shop at number 19 The Wynd and previous to this it was called Bits and Bobs a local pet accessory provider. It wasnt an instant opening as the shop was in need of a great refurbishment. Cost of this wasnt a great deal but the whole shop had to be repainted, cleaned and revamped in such a way to look like an interior design shop rather than a space that had been filled with blinds and furniture. Over a 4 week period the shop changed totally with signage displays been arranged to the taste of the general public. 2d Interiors was now established.

They didn’t even get time for an opening it was business from the start but identified tha Letchworth Blinds and Hitchin Blinds would be the first advertisement to run from the shop…So we had our first 8 months we had gone from basically the back of a garage to a shop off the high street.. Not bad in the recession!


The Begining

Where did it all start. Well some years ago whilst running a Security Company Dave Howatson had the idea of not putting all his eggs in one basket if so th speak and started to look for alternative ventures. This included buying a web site that provided Blinds within the UK. This its self was a very slow revenue maker and when he identified the recession coming some years before it actually did he started to advertise offline.

It was during this period that he was approached by Danny Seeney a local guy who was at the time fitting for a larger and prominent local company. Dave had no work whats soever and decided that he would meet with Danny and look at the alternatives.

Just by pure look an order came through and it was for a factory in Biggleswade where both were located. It looked good for a starter and they decided that it was a good idea to set up Bedford Blinds.

First a few leaflets in the local area and then a small web site and it all started to flow really slowly. This was due to many factors, both Dave and Danny had jobs and it wasn’t ever going to expand at a racing pace. Things moved onwards and upwards and soon Bedford Blinds was becoming a well-known company in the mists of family and friends that both had.

It was now break or make time and from June till January 2011 both had committed enough time to see that things may move forward even in a recession. It was then that 2d Interiors was born and things could or could not look up…..

What happens next?

2d Interiors

Welcome to the blog of 2d Interiors. We are a UK-based Company in Letchworth Hertfordshire and provide bespoke made to measure blinds to residential and commercial properties.

Please watch this blog over the next few weeks and we will show you our business how we operate and what good deals that we have.

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